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Titans say Fisher will attend Friday news conference

The Titans’ offseason suddenly has become messier than a Mel Gibson breakup.

Jeff Fisher is out after 16-plus seasons.

The coach wins his showdown with the mentally fragile quarterback. The beloved d-line coach leaves for another team because he presumably isn’t thrilled with some of the other defensive coaches. The defensive coordinator, who gets re-upped late in the season when no one on earth can figure out a legitimate reason as to why, gets fired by his close friend the coach less than two months later.

I believe you can find this manifesto on the net if you Google “How to Implode an NFL Franchise.”

We’ll know more Friday. The Titans have scheduled an 11 a.m. news conference, and now former Titans head man Jeff Fisher is supposed to be among the attendees. Strike anyone else as a wee bit odd? “Hey, Jeff, you’re out. But while you’re packing up your office could you come down the hall and chat with the media for a bit?” Awkward.

A few other random bits:

  • I wrote a player reaction to Fisher’s ouster Thursday night for CBSSports.com. You can find it here: http://www.cbssports.com/nfl/story/14610466/players-surprised-by-fishers-exit-at-tennessee. Thanks to the guys who got back to me, especially Jason Babin from Hawaii.
  • I wrote another piece for CBSSports.com on Marc Mariani’s journey from University of Montana walk-on to AFC return specialist at the Pro Bowl. Efforts to reach Mariani for reaction to the Fisher news were  unsuccessful.
  • Here’s a question I’d been pondering all week before I knew the team would be looking for a head coach: Who’s the proverbial “home run” for a defensive coordinator hire? In the pros, there really isn’t one. You can’t hire other DCs because it’s a lateral move and that’s frowned upon if not outright forbidden unless you slip in the added cheesy title of associate head coach. There’s just no one to be had that will appease the fan base.
  • The immediate bigger question is who becomes the head coach. Offensive line coach Mike Munchak could be the choie, and he’d be a good one. That would at least bring about some shred of continuity, which looks really necessary at this point. I’d love to see Saints defensive coordinator Gregg Williams get in the mix, too. He spent 11 seasons with the Oilers/Titans, the last four as DC. The best thing about Williams is he likes to blitz. And he sure did a number on Peyton Manning in the Super Bowl last year.
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