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Titans’ Sixer: Fisher could be making Bud’s choice too easy

 The Titans’ “Sixer,” a six-pack of things I believe I learned about the team, after another ugly loss, the Titans’ fifth in a row. Herewith “the Sixer” on the 17-6 debacle against the Jaguars:

1. If the Titans’ locker room is only big enough for one of them, Vince Young’s injury might have given him the edge over Jeff Fisher. Take a look at last week’s “Sixer,” where I wrote that a nine-game losing streak is a very real possibility. Four games remain — two against the Colts, a home game against the Texans and a road game against the Chiefs. It’s doubtful the Titans will be favored in any. If this team goes from 5-2 to 5-11, it paves the way for Titans owner Bud Adams to part ways with Fisher and keep his beloved quarterback. Yes, the Titans have fought injuries and an uncommon amount of off-field distractions, but someone has to fall on the sword if this turns out as badly as it looks like it will right now.

2. This team has a dearth of offensive playmakers. The Titans haven’t scored an offensive touchdown in 13 quarters plus an overtime. Who on the offensive side of the ball strikes fear in an opposing defense? It used to be Chris Johnson. I’m not even sure he does anymore. Secondaries aren’t shaking in their Nikes over the likes of Nate Washington, Justin Gage or even Randy Moss. Isn’t it time rookie Damian Williams got a shot? The offense can’t be any worse. You know who the good teams in the NFL are nowadays? The ones who keep stockpiling offensive talent even when people think they have enough offense.

3. The safeties should burn the Jaguars game tape before Monday. Chris Hope and Michael Griffin didn’t play well on Sunday. Not that Maurice Jones-Drew didn’t make the entire Titans defense look like a Pee Wee team, but MJD plowed over Griffin in the first half and stiff-armed him to the ground in the fourth quarter so badly I had to look away as though I was watching the LT-Theismann replay. Hope, as good a guy as there is in the locker room and a standup guy, missed a couple of tackles badly, including one where David Garrard basically shrugged him off on his way to the end zone.

4. The defensive front seven should burn the Jaguars game tape before Monday. The Jaguars rushed for 258 yards like they were Auburn playing LSU. LB Stephen Tulloch said, ““I’ve never been a part of something like that in my five years here. We have to dig deep and find out what’s going on because that’s not what this team is about.” Jacksonville blew the Titans off the ball on nearly every one of their 53 carries. Garrard gained 3 yards on a third-and-1 sneak in the second quarter. That pretty much says it all.

5. The offense should burn the Jaguars game tape … and the Texans game tape … and the Redskins game tape … you get the picture. Right now this team has a better chance to score on defense or in the return game than it does on offense. Marc Mariani has more touchdowns (one) over the past three games than Chris Johnson, Randy Moss, Nate Washington and Bo Scaife combined. It would be fair to criticize the play-calling, but see No. 2 (above). Who do you expect to make a big play? Here’s another ugly stat: The Titans’ time-of-possession deficit during their five-game losing streak is 190:35 to 116:08. THAT’S 74 MINUTES AND 27 SECONDS OVER FIVE GAMES. THAT’S A GAME-AND-A-QUARTER. THAT’S INSANE. Sorry, thought that deserved all caps. Didn’t want anyone to miss it.

6. Faith Hill must have known something. Check the blog from Friday. She picked the Jaguars to win in The Tennessean on Thursday after picking the Titans to win the past 27 in a row. Did she get to somebody? Have inside information?

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  1. Daniel
    December 6, 2010 at 12:55 am

    Good work once again. However, for number 4, I think a more apt college football comparison might have been Illinois vs Northwestern…

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