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Moss isn’t a perfect fit anywhere, but Titans should take a long look

Every writer, blogger, fan, sports anchor and/or talk-show host  in every NFL city will ask the question over the next 24 hours, until we find out which team, if any, claims Randy Moss on waivers.

[picapp align=”left” wrap=”true” link=”term=randy+moss&iid=10098241″ src=”http://view.picapp.com/pictures.photo/image/10098241/ravens-moss-warms-gillette/ravens-moss-warms-gillette.jpg?size=500&imageId=10098241″ width=”234″ height=”314″]Why not “Team X” for the erstwhile Mr. Moss?

Even Jeff Fisher admits it’s a hot topic.

“I would venture to say that every head coach, or maybe 30 head coaches in this league are having discussions about it right now,” the coach said. “We might have a 30-second conversation or we might go to the midnight hour.”

So here’s the case for the Titans to man up and take the chance. Crazy move? Yes. Any crazier than drafting Pacman Jones No. 6 overall? Not even close.

1. Kenny Britt is hurt. Jeff Fisher said Britt’s hamstring injury, suffered in the first quarter on Sunday against the Chargers, would keep the second-year wide receiver out for “an extended period of time.” At the moment Britt leads the Titans in receptions (23), yards (434) and touchdowns (seven). Whether the quarterback is Vince Young or Kerry Collins, Britt’s size and speed are needed for this offense.

2. Moss isn’t done. All this talk of Moss not having much in the tank is ludicrous. The guy has 22 receptions for 313 yards and five touchdowns, and that’s while pretty much despising everyone around him. Those numbers would rank second, third and second on the Titans.

3. The vertical game is working. In recent weeks Mike Heimerdinger has gone all mad bomber in his play-calling, and lo and behold it has been working a lot of the time. Britt has seven receptions of 20-plus yards and Nate Washington has six. Seven Titans have at least one catch of 25 yards. With teams stacking the line of scrimmage to keep Chris Johnson from running wild, the Titans are taking shots down the field. This franchise isn’t the unappealing destination for a receiver that it used to be.

4. Moss and Britt are physical doppelgangers. Britt is listed at 6-3, 215. Moss is 6-4, 210.  They’re big targets who especially make their presence felt in the red zone. What if Moss took Britt under his wing and actually tutored him about the game? If Fisher and Heimerdinger managed to get Moss to buy in and mentor Britt the reward could be just as scary as the risk.

5. It would only help Chris Johnson. There’s no way opponents could walk a safety into the box with Moss AND Britt on the field at the same time. ‘Dinger might actually be able to use a four-wide receiver set more than once every autumnal equinox.

6. It’s the bye week. What better time to integrate Moss into your offense than your bye week? He gets time to study and meet everybody, and the coaches get a chance to explore the possibilities.

7. The players already are clamoring for him. CJ and Michael Griffin have tweeted they would support the signing of Moss. Any questions?

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